Sponsors: VR

Hello all,

the list of event sponsors is now final. They are:

  • VR, Finland’s state railway company
  • Lautapelit.fi, the premier board game retailer, publisher and distributor in the Nordic countries
  • Mayday Games, a board game accessory designer and distributor based in Utah, USA

In the next few posts, we will present our sponsors and talk about how they are helping us with JunaCon.

VR is kindly providing us with the space to hold the event, a large space in Turku’s central railway station. VR stands for Valtionrautatiet (”State railways”) and is the state-owned railway company in Finland. It is practically the sole provider of rail transportation for freight and passengers, but also owns a bus line and a road cargo company.

Finland's railway network

The rail network connects all the major cities in Finland, a country of very low population density and therefore unsuited for commuter rail. Express passenger & freight trains run between population centres as well as to Russia and Sweden.

VR’s Sm3 Pendolino train that is used on routes to & from Helsinki found itself on the cover of the Finnish version of TransEuropa, which incidentally will be one of the prizes awarded for our Ticket to Ride tournament.

For more on VR, visit their website or this Wikipedia page, which was the primary source for this post.



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