JunaCon II – Day 2

Day 2 of our little event has come and passed, closing it in a great way. There was the Ticket to Ride tournament, in which 16 people competed, with Tommi Lantta being the winner for the 2nd time in a row. Congratulations Tommi, and thank you to all who participated!!!

Today there was also some other Ticket to Ride games being played, including the new Alvin & Dexter expansion. On the heavier side of things, some more 18XX was played, in addition to a variety of other games, ranging from Von Kapf bis Kairo to On The Underground and more.

In all, 46 people attended JunaCon II, which was slightly more than JunaCon I. There was also a small monetary profit, which will be donated to the Suomen Lautapeliseura (the Finnish board game society). We hope everyone had a good time, and we would like to welcome you back again for JunaCon III, tentatively due to be held sometime in February-March 2012.

From the organisers, and the Stoori game club, a warm and sincere thank you!
Aleksi, Antti, Jari, Mikko, Teppo & Iraklis

P.S.: Many thanks also to Jukka for the event poster, Taneli for the math trade, Emmi & Jeremy for the breakfast buns and to all the people that took a shift at the front desk.

JunaCon II – Day 1

A more detailed report will be posted later, but for now we can say that the first day of JunaCon II was a great success! Many people attended, as many as in both days of JunaCon I. Thus, we expect tomorrow to surpass last year’s total, and have another great day of gaming.

Among the day’s events were several 18XX games being played, an Age of Steam tournament, and a lot of fun moments experienced with all sorts of games. Also played were many different Ticket to Ride games, Freight Train, On the Underground, Railroad Tycoon, Station Manager, RailRoad and more.

Thank you to all our visitors and sponsors, and we will see you again tomorrow!